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Faction: Clan Diamond Shark

Name:  Clan Diamond Shark

Unlike other Clans, the Diamond Sharks view the civilian castes as supporting the Clan rather than just the warrior caste, allowing them to flourish. The Diamond Shark economy is the strongest in the Clans, attributed to the strong bonds between the castes. This has resulted in disparaging comments from the other Clans (the Coyotes have a saying "when there are fins in the water, don't go swimming"), especially after the disaster of Tukayyid, but has allowed the Clan to rebuild quickly. Doing so forced the warriors to make concessions to the merchant caste, a matter than has only recently been resolved.

The Diamond Sharks take Bondsmen wherever possible. To quote one Star Colonel, "Bondsmen are a simple by product of another action - one we can exploit". It is not unknown for the Diamond Sharks to return bondsmen to their original Clan in exchange for some form of concessions. This allows them to repatriate any troublesome elements and still make a 'profit' on the situation.

The Diamond Sharks understand honor, but their own application of it is somewhat flexible. They understand the need to display an honorable countenance to smooth dealings with other Clans, but believe strict adherence to the Honor Road is detrimental to the Clans best interests. To do so would cut the Clan off from many opportunities, something even the warrior caste is loathe to do.
  • Total (Inhabited) Systems: 4 (Merchant Worlds)
  • Dominant Language(s): English
Similarly, the Clan is not overly political. Their viewpoint wanders between the Crusader and Warden philosophies. Since Tukayyid and their ejection they have espoused the Warden cause but generally prefer to remain apolitical, again because favoring one camp too strongly would be bad for business.

The primary reason for supporting the Crusader faction in the invasion was to gain access to Inner Sphere markets, which they regard as largely untapped. They have taken made strong ties with the Inner Sphere, and rumors already circulate that they have established relations with Inner Sphere trading cartels.

Although they fought in the Inner Sphere, most other Clans look on the Diamond Shark military with disdain. Gutted on Tukayyid, the Diamond Shark Touman has rebuilt in the eight years since with the assistance of the merchant caste. The Sharks rarely resort to violence, preferring to get their way through mercantile means. However, interference with their commercial operations frequently elicits a devastating response.

Like most Clans, the Diamond Sharks discriminate against freeborn warriors. However, the need to guard their territory and merchant vessels means the Clan cannot be too picky, and thus does use such troops, mainly in a second line militia. Many train to fight as marines aboard ship, or to act as compound guards.

Unusually, many Shark warriors retire from active service and take up positions in lower castes. Little stigma is attached to such actions, and Bloodnamed retirees may retain their warrior qualification by passing an annual Trial of Position. Because of this policy, the Diamond Sharks have few Solahma units.

Over the years the Diamond Sharks have developed a reputation as sharp bidders, forcing opponents to miscalculate and lose more frequently that would be expected. Although such tactics have offended the other Clans, the Sharks view them simply as an extension of the standard 'efficiency' measures.

Clan Diamond Shark Mech Acquisition Table

Honor Levels:
Zellbrigen (Dueling): 1
Physical Attacks: No
Retreat: 1

Current Players: Kyle

1)  39th Striker Cluster (Elite)  [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #3)
  • Khan Ian Hawker (2) (Warhawk B)
  • Alycote Ephialtes (3) (Hunchback HBK-4P)
2)  222nd Assault Cluster (Elite) [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #1)
  • Khan Jorel Davis (2) (Mad Cat A)
3) 369th Striker Cluster (Veteran)  (Destroyed Battle #4)

4) 19th Heavy Cluster (Veteran)
  • No Light mechs
  • No Elementals
5) 3rd Shark Regulars (Regular) [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #2)
  • No Omni-Mechs
  • No Elementals

Special Rules:  
  • Aggressive bid falls short.  In an attempt to be the first Clan on Tukayyid, Clan Diamond Shark bid away one of their clusters and only have five clusters to face the Comguard forces.
  • No more than 1 ENE mech may be taken per star.
  • Merchant bonus,  When building each Star, the Diamond Shark player can automatically pass one Acquisition roll.

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