Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Faction: Clan Steel Viper

Name:  Clan Steel Viper

The Steel Vipers were made the Reserve clan in the invasion force and were first activated by the Ghost Bears to help garrison their worlds. After the death of ilKhan Leo Showers and the election of Ulric Kerensky, the Vipers were activated as a full invading Clan and assigned to share the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.
The Steel Vipers faced total defeat on Tukayyid and their Khan, Natalie Breen stepped down to allow Perigard Zalman to become Khan. The Steel Vipers stuck to the Warden line and stayed out of the Great Refusal.
In 3061 they struck at the Jade Falcon worlds in the Occupation Zone and attempted to drive them out. Though initially successful, Falcon Khan Marthe Pryde rallied her forces, winning the pivotal battle of Sudeten. Ultimately, the Vipers' attempt completely failed and they were forced to accept Hegira, driven out of the Inner Sphere entirely. Khan Zalman faced numerous challenges to his position during the voyage back to the Clan home worlds, ultimately prevailing.
The Steel Vipers, again despite their talk of cooperation, are completely at a loss for allies among their fellow Clans. Their self-serving politics have alienated both Warden and Crusader Clans and their arrogant attitude towards others has not served them well. The Steel Vipers have feuds with the Fire Mandrills, Blood Spirits, Snow Ravens, Jade Falcons, and Ghost Bears.

Clan Steel Viper Mech Acquisition Table
Clan Goliath Scorpion Mech Acquisition Table

Honor Levels:
Zellbrigen (Dueling): 1
Physical Attacks: No
Retreat: 1

Adjustments:  After every battle the Steel Vipers take part in, Honor levels go up by 1.
After 2 battles, Physical attacks will switch to yes.

Current Players: None

1) 1st Viper Guards (Elite) 
  • Khan Natalie Breen  (2) (Gargoyle A)
  • Omni Mechs Only
2) 51st Battle Cluster (Elite)
  • May not take light mechs
3) 2nd Viper Guards (Veteran) [AMMO 1] (Fought Battle #1)
  • Omni mechs only
4) 57th Striker Cluster (Regular) (Destroyed Battle #2)
  • No Assault mechs
5) Zeta Galaxy (Veteran)  
  • No Omnimechs
  • No Elementals
6) 8th Scorpion Dragoons (Veteran)  GOLIATH SCORPION UNIT
  • SaKhan Ren Posavatz (2) [Fire Scorpion2]

Special Rules:  
  • All Steel Viper units, May only take 1 ENE mech per star.
  • Clan Goliath Scorpion along for the ride...SaKhan Ren Posavatz won a trial of possession against the Vipers for the right to come with them to the Inner Sphere for the invasion.  His unit the 8th Dragoons may be bid normally and moved as any other Steel viper unit.  There are couple of restriction.
    • Combined arms focused.  Must be 50% mechs and 50% Battle armor if possible.  If 3 units are bid then 2 may be mech and only 1 battle armor.  
    • Always fight at Honor level 1 for Dueling, No Physicals and level 1 for Retreat.
    • May have up to 4 mechs with the ENE ability per Star

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