Thursday, May 2, 2013

ALPHA STRIKE announced!

  Yep...look what was just announced today.  Alpha Strike.  Tabletop battletech mini rules...using the Quick Strike system.  Hardback book planned for September.  Good stuff!

Link to the announcement...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Going on hiatus...

With a couple of lackluster sessions which only had 4 player show, we will put the Tukayyid Campaign on hold.

Figure that Dreadball will keep the monthly gamenight busy for the coming year...

Then Kingdom Death: Monster for a while after that.

Fear not the call of Battletech will pull us back in eventually.  And heck yeah...I'll be bloggin about it.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Game Map after Gamenight #5

Clan turn progress (Turn they are on)

Turn 3:  Jay (Smoke Jags), Dereck (Ghost Bears), Larry (Steel Vipers)

Turn 4:  Dave (Wolf)

Turn 5:  Jeff (Nova Cats), Kyle (Diamond Sharks), Gregg (Jade Falcons)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

After action Gamenight #5.

Round 3
Dave: Planetary Landing...No luck and Dave was repulsed, losing the Clan Wolf 3rd Battle Cluster.
Round 4
Jeff: Devils Bath...with sensor scan this time.  (Each side rolls 3d6 and loses mech on an 18).   Jeff took the Devils Bath, with the 4th Nova Cat Lancers.
Kyle:  City Fight (Solaris Factory Map).  The 369th Striker Cluster was lost reconning the Factory district of their first target city.
Gregg:  Secure the Ammo Depot... Well...Gregg secured a pretty large Crater with the 2nd Falcon Regulars.
We will take December many holidays and birthdays.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Set up for Gamenight Number 5

Here is an updated map for the Campaign.  Everyone has secured their drop zones (Except Clan Wolf who make their first attempt tonight)

He is the layout for tonight's games.

First battles of the night...

Round 3

Dave: Planetary Landing

Jay: Battle in the Ash Bowl

Larry: Retake the Swamp...Meeting engagement this hidden units for the Comguards

Second battles of the night...

Jeff: Devils Bath...with sensor scan this time.  (Each side rolls 3d6 and loses mech on an 18)

Round 4

Kyle:  City Fight (Solaris Factory Map)

Gregg:  Secure the Ammo Depot...

Got three tables...We will get 6 battles in.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game Night #4

Lack of pics again...ugh

Oh night #4 was quite fun.

Battle #1...Gregg and the Jade Falcons finally secured their landing Zone.  At the cost of one of their Khans.

Battle #2...Dereck and his Ghost Bears secured a path through the Badlands...though they lost Khan Jorgenson when he was ambushed by two SRM carriers then finished off by a pesky Spider.

Battle #3...Kyle and the Diamond Sharks secured a path through the Gap...with the help of a traitor Comstar Hunchback.

Battle #4...The Devils Bath.

The Nova Cats run head long into the Devils Bath...and found how tough it can be.

Hidden pools of bubbling mud would swallow mechs whole who stepped into them by mistake.  To represent the hidden nature...every time a clan mech moved they would roll 2d6...on a 12 they wouold be destroyed.

Comguard mechs had surveyed the area...but still in combat they could get confused so they had to roll 3d6 and on an 18...glooop...under they would go.  Comstar units were green...Command would not put a well trained unit in such a dangerous spot.

First turn, just moving onto the board the Clanners lost 2 Dragonfly (Viper) mechs to the mudpits.  At this point I gave the Clanner the option to only move 4" take a 0 movement mod but not have to roll.  He pushed on...and lost an Adder the next turn to the Mudpits.

Clanners did get off the far side of the board...saving the unit to fight another day...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Game Night #3

Was a rough outing for a couple of clans.

First up: Dereck (Clan Ghost Bear) took his landing zone.  Faced two green units...rolled them pretty easy.

Kyle with Clan Diamond Sharks got stopped cold at Dinju Pass.  Massed Indirect fire was minimally effective but kept the Clanners on their heels enough to win the day for Comstar.

Larry (Steel Vipers) in the Racice River Delta lost a Cluster to some hidden mechs and zippy hovercraft attacks.