Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Faction: Clan Smoke Jaguar

Name:  Clan Smoke Jaguar

Clan Smoke Jaguar is easily the most violent and aggressive of all the Clans. They are, however, not as brash and headstrong as Clan Jade Falcon; they are quicker to battle, but are also quicker to think before acting. This made a deadly combination, and Clan Smoke Jaguar was quite a strong Clan. However, the clan didn't have the immensity of the larger Clans or the autonomy of Clan Ghost Bear to support its claim. As such, Clan Smoke Jaguar was dangerous in combat, but never a serious contender to be the IlClan (ruling Clan) after the invasion of the Inner Sphere began and Terra supposedly free for the taking.

Clan Smoke Jaguar joined Clan Jade Falcon in the campaign for the Clan Invasion. They were amongst the first Clans to launch into the Invasion, although they did not rush headlong into the battle as the Jade Falcons and other Clans. The Jaguar's deliberated on the situation for a time, choosing not to invade Lyran Commonwealth territory, closest to the Jaguar's, as the Falcons had, but rather to cross to the other side of the Outer Rim and launch an offensive against the Draconis Combine. The Jaguars penetrated deep into the Inner Sphere, but as mentioned before, they did not have the autonomy to maintain proper defense. A lot of claimed territory was lost when the Draconis Combine went on the offensive.

Clan Smoke Jaguar was in great peril until Clan Ghost Bear followed them into Draconis Combine territory. With a new threat, the Draconis Combine was forced into a defensive stance once more, and Smoke Jaguar returned to the offensive with the combined might of its sister clan.

Clan Smoke Jaguar Mech Acquisition Table

Honor Levels:
Zellbrigen (Dueling): 1
Physical Attacks: No
Retreat: 1

After every battle the Smoke Jaguars take part in,  Dueling Honor levels go up by 1.
After 2 battles, Physical attacks will switch to yes.
Retreat will remain at Level 1

Current Players: Jay

1) Sixth Jaguar Dragoons (Elite) 
  • Khan Hoyt (2) Summoner Prime 
2) 267th Battle Cluster (Elite)
  • Khan Weaver (2) Warhawk Prime
  • May not take Light mechs
3) Jaguar Grenadiers (Elite)
  • Brew Showers (3) Adder Prime
  • Brandon Howell (2) Mad Cat Prime
  • May not take Elementals
4) 122nd Striker Cluster (Veteran) (Fought Battle #1 & #2, Destroyed)
  • Retreat rules at Level 4 for the 122nd Striker Custer
  • May not take Assault mechs
  • May not take Elementals
Special Rules:  
  • No More than 2 ENE mechs in any star.
  • Overly Aggressive Bidding.  Smoke Jaguars bid away two clusters to have the honor being the first on Tukayyid.  (Which is why they only get 4 units to start rather than 6.) They are also the only Clan that gets 3 Elite units.
  • The Smoke Jaguar player will always be the first to declare their campaign movements
  • The Smoke Jaguar player will always play the first battle of the campaign round.

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