Monday, January 9, 2012

Clan Mechs....painting complete

So for the first time sine I've owned any...all my clan mechs are painted.

100 minis strong...spread roughly evenly across Ghost Bear, Wolf, Smoke Jags, and Falcons.  Nova Cats have one star

Rob's Painted Mech collection (Google Docs)

The ones in Yellow on the sheet are not available for Tukayyid, as they have yet to be produced in 3052.  But you will note there are some nice designs that are not part of the original Tukayyid Sourcebook that I will be adding to the clan mechbays.  (Cauldron Born, Highlander IIC, Supernova, Grendel, Kodiak, Grizzly, etc...)

Now I have about 20 ComGuard mechs and 4 tanks that need to be done before I kick off this campaign.  Post will be coming soon about "How a player will select their forces."  Will you have to take the correct paint scheme?  No, put it would be nice.  What about the 3 clans you don't have large forces painted for...?  All will be answered in the "How to" post.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Progress made..ComGuard mechs done.

Finished with the ComGuard mechs list.

Completed the list of all possible mechs that the ComGuard used on Tukayyid.  Each mech has an acquisition number.  Free are readily available.  If there is a number listed such as 4+, the ComGuard player will need to roll that number or better 2d6 to get that mech.  The Royal mechs that comguard pulled out of storage will require an 11+, though the Royals are not always better than the stock least when it comes to Quick Strike.

Added the Quick Strike Stats, including the point cost.