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Faction: Clan Jade Falcon

Name:  Clan Jade Falcon

The strictly traditionalist Crusaders of Clan Jade Falcon have long resented and been envious of Clan Wolf for their strength, holdings, and (most of all) possession of the coveted Kerensky Bloodname. The Jade Falcons participated in the initial invasion of the Inner Sphere and seized many Lyran worlds from the Federated Commonwealth. They were the first Clan to taste defeat at the hands of Inner Sphere forces, losing on Twycross in 3050. Achieving a draw with the ComGuards on Tukayyid, they schemed and plotted to undo the Truce. They were nearly destroyed by their Refusal War with the Wolves in an attempt to do just that. They lost many warriors and both of their Khans in subsequent politicking. Their new khan launched a daring strike at Coventry in the Lyran Alliance and managed to restore the Jade Falcons' strength by winning possession of other Crusader units in the Harvest Trials. The Jade Falcons beat the ComGuards during the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty and then pushed the Steel Vipers out of their Occupation Zone; after that, they seized (and lost) several more Lyran worlds during the FedCom Civil War. They still eye Terra and have not given up hope of claiming it.

  • Total (Inhabited) Systems: 50+
  • Dominant Language(s): English

Clan Jade Falcon is founded on a caste-based martial society, which divides people into several distinct groups. The highest caste is the warrior caste, where MechWarriors, pilots, and genetically enhanced infantry called Elementals command the greatest respect. Warriors are genetically bred through steel wombs, where the genetic material from prominent warriors is combined to create a unique batch of children who are thought to be superior in combat. These children, or sibkos, go through a variety of tests for their first 20 years, at the end of which they will be judged to be warriors or not.

Below the warriors are the techs, who keep the BattleMechs, aerospace fighters, and armored infantry functioning. While they are essential to the society, most warriors look down on techs as inferiors and less valuable members of society. Roughly parallel to the techs is the Scientist caste, where biologists, engineers, and researchers determine how to further enhance Clan Jade Falcon's already-considerable gene pool, armament, and technological progress.

Below the scientists and techs are the merchants, who conduct trade with other Clans and, covertly, states and trading houses from the Inner Sphere. While they are rarely seen, the merchants provide the industrial and transportation backbone for the Clans.

At the lowest level of Clan Jade Falcon are the laborers, who do manual labor and jobs too demeaning for other caste members.

Jade Falcons esteem MechWarriors above all other combat personnel, and see their MechWarriors as the ultimate result of their breeding practices. Their MechWarriors are brash, fierce, and unrelenting. While subtlety is rare among the Jade Falcons, their relentless drive to crush the enemy is a potent force. MechWarriors will often take incredible risks, sometimes failing, but often gaining victory or a heroic death that ensures their genetic legacy will live on among future generations.

Jade Falcon Elementals are thought highly of as well, with particular attention paid to tenacity and endurance. During their initial sweep into the Inner Sphere, Jade Falcon Elementals played an integral part in capturing and maintaining order among hostile worlds.

While pilots of aerospace fighters are not as highly respected as MechWarriors, they are still warriors and rank above the other castes.

Clan Jade Falcon Mech Acquisition Table

Honor Levels:
Zellbrigen (Dueling): 4
Physical Attacks: Yes
Retreat: 4

Current Players: Gregg

1) 1st Falcon Jeagers (Elite) [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #3)
  • Khan Elias Crichell (2) Summoner Prime (KIA - Battle #3)
  • All Omni Mechs
2) 305th Assault Cluster (Elite) [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #3)
  • Khan Vandervahn Chistu (2) Executioner A
  • No Light Mechs
3) The Falcon Guard (Veteran) Destroyed Battle #2
  • Aiden Pryde (2) (Timberwolf - Pryde)
  • Joanna (2) (Vulture - Prime)
  • Horse (3) (Hellhound)
  • Diana (4) (Warhawk - Prime)
4) 12th Falcon Regulars (Veteran) Destroyed, Battle #1

5) 124th Striker Cluster (Regular)
  • No Assault mechs
  • No Elementals
6) 2nd Falcon Regulars (Regular) [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #4)

Special Rules:  
  • No More than 2 ENE mechs per Star.
  • Falcon Guard family:  Should both Aiden Pryde & Diana be selected as part of a Falcon Guard force and Diana's Warhawk is destroyed while Aiden Pryde's Timberwolf is still in the battle.  Aiden's skill improves by 2 (to a 0), and he will not retreat from the battlefield.

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