Monday, November 19, 2012

Game Map after Gamenight #5

Clan turn progress (Turn they are on)

Turn 3:  Jay (Smoke Jags), Dereck (Ghost Bears), Larry (Steel Vipers)

Turn 4:  Dave (Wolf)

Turn 5:  Jeff (Nova Cats), Kyle (Diamond Sharks), Gregg (Jade Falcons)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

After action Gamenight #5.

Round 3
Dave: Planetary Landing...No luck and Dave was repulsed, losing the Clan Wolf 3rd Battle Cluster.
Round 4
Jeff: Devils Bath...with sensor scan this time.  (Each side rolls 3d6 and loses mech on an 18).   Jeff took the Devils Bath, with the 4th Nova Cat Lancers.
Kyle:  City Fight (Solaris Factory Map).  The 369th Striker Cluster was lost reconning the Factory district of their first target city.
Gregg:  Secure the Ammo Depot... Well...Gregg secured a pretty large Crater with the 2nd Falcon Regulars.
We will take December many holidays and birthdays.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Set up for Gamenight Number 5

Here is an updated map for the Campaign.  Everyone has secured their drop zones (Except Clan Wolf who make their first attempt tonight)

He is the layout for tonight's games.

First battles of the night...

Round 3

Dave: Planetary Landing

Jay: Battle in the Ash Bowl

Larry: Retake the Swamp...Meeting engagement this hidden units for the Comguards

Second battles of the night...

Jeff: Devils Bath...with sensor scan this time.  (Each side rolls 3d6 and loses mech on an 18)

Round 4

Kyle:  City Fight (Solaris Factory Map)

Gregg:  Secure the Ammo Depot...

Got three tables...We will get 6 battles in.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Game Night #4

Lack of pics again...ugh

Oh night #4 was quite fun.

Battle #1...Gregg and the Jade Falcons finally secured their landing Zone.  At the cost of one of their Khans.

Battle #2...Dereck and his Ghost Bears secured a path through the Badlands...though they lost Khan Jorgenson when he was ambushed by two SRM carriers then finished off by a pesky Spider.

Battle #3...Kyle and the Diamond Sharks secured a path through the Gap...with the help of a traitor Comstar Hunchback.

Battle #4...The Devils Bath.

The Nova Cats run head long into the Devils Bath...and found how tough it can be.

Hidden pools of bubbling mud would swallow mechs whole who stepped into them by mistake.  To represent the hidden nature...every time a clan mech moved they would roll 2d6...on a 12 they wouold be destroyed.

Comguard mechs had surveyed the area...but still in combat they could get confused so they had to roll 3d6 and on an 18...glooop...under they would go.  Comstar units were green...Command would not put a well trained unit in such a dangerous spot.

First turn, just moving onto the board the Clanners lost 2 Dragonfly (Viper) mechs to the mudpits.  At this point I gave the Clanner the option to only move 4" take a 0 movement mod but not have to roll.  He pushed on...and lost an Adder the next turn to the Mudpits.

Clanners did get off the far side of the board...saving the unit to fight another day...


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Game Night #3

Was a rough outing for a couple of clans.

First up: Dereck (Clan Ghost Bear) took his landing zone.  Faced two green units...rolled them pretty easy.

Kyle with Clan Diamond Sharks got stopped cold at Dinju Pass.  Massed Indirect fire was minimally effective but kept the Clanners on their heels enough to win the day for Comstar.

Larry (Steel Vipers) in the Racice River Delta lost a Cluster to some hidden mechs and zippy hovercraft attacks.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Game Night #2

Quick Recap of the events of Game night #2.

Larry joined the campaign taking up the last remaining clan Steel Vipers.

He secured his drop zone with a very even battle...taking the base with a sole Elemental stand remaining.

Jeff also secured his drop zone as an elite unit with his Khan took out the Comguard mechs.

Jay pushed forward with his 122nd Jag Veterans...the trap sprung by Comstar was very effective...Pushing his force though a raging forest fire, The Smoke Jags were gunned down as they emerged.

Gregg wrapped up the evening with a classic case of being diced.  Wanting to secure his Dropzone, he landed the Falcon Guard with their 4 characters.  Gregg could not seem to be able to roll higher than a 5, while his opponents Larry and Rob, could not roll lower than a 9.  Yeah...dear gaming diary, Larry and Rob had good the same game...playing on the same team.  One for the books.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tweaking the build rules...

Ok, have a different Idea for round #2.

It became obvious that allowing the clanners to bid / build first, lead to the comstar folks using pretty much the same force of assaults.

So here is what we will do for the next event.

I will pre-make Comstar forces for 6 - 10 scenarios.  These forces will each have a point value. 

The clanner will then draw one of these scenarios depending upon where their force is on the map.  (landing zone, desert, forest hexes)

The information the clanner will get is
  • the number of units (6,12,18,or 24)
  • the number of points (100-500) of the opposing Comstar force.
  • Rough description of the terrain.  (badlands, forest, river delta, city, etc...)
The clanner will then bid away a number of points.  The clanner that bids away the most points will...
  • Get to build his force him the widest selection of mechs to choose from.
  • Pick the player running the Comstar forces (of the available players).
  • Pick the player assisting them push their clan if they want (of available players)
We will then match up the highest bid and the lowest bid to play at the same time.
Then the next highest and next lowest.
Finally the middle two.

So that you will still get the advantage even though you may be ther 3rd highest bidder...if that makes sense. (we didn't do this last time)

That's all for now.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Game Night #1

We had a pretty good first night.  Four battles, 2 Clan wins, 2 Clan losses.

Fight #1

Smoke Jags  (122nd Striker Cluster - Regular) Vs. Green Comstar force.

Smoke Jags combat dropped onto a some Green troops.  Pretty easy Jag win.

Smoke Jags secure their landing Zone.

Fight #2

Jade Falcons drop two heavy stars (12th Falcon Regulars) onto a Comstar Firebase that had a Veteran force of 12 Heavy and assault mechs.

The 12th Falcon Regulars were destroyed to the mech. (and are removed from the campaign)

Jade Falcons will have to fight again to secure their drop zone.

Fight #3

Nova Cats land but detect an approaching force.  Nova Cats send out the 12th Cavaliers to intercept.

They ran into an Elite force of Comstar Assault mechs.  The Nova Cats sticking to dueling cost them dearly and the 12th was wiped out.

Nova Cats will have to secure their drop zone before advancing on the Map.

Fight #4

Diamond Sharks landed unopposed and Khan Jorel Davis quickly set out with the Elite 222nd Assault Cluster.

Comstar threw a pretty large regular force to blunt the quick advance of the Diamond Sharks.

The Comstar units were cut down at range with the superior weaponry of the Clan Mechs.

Nova Cats meet an Elite Assault force
Heavy Force gets gunned down in the open by Elite Diamond Sharks
The Map

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Campaign Turn (Map rules)

The campaign turn has four phases...

1) Bidding
2) Movement
3) Battle
4) End

All clan players will complete a phase in a certain order before the next phase begins.  Meaning all the clans will declare their units movement before we move to the battle phase.

The order of the clans is on the table below.

1) Smoke Jaguar
2) Ghost Bear
3) Random each turn (Jade Falcon, Steel Viper, Nova Cat, Diamond Shark)
4) Random each turn (Jade Falcon, Steel Viper, Nova Cat, Diamond Shark)
5) Random each turn (Jade Falcon, Steel Viper, Nova Cat, Diamond Shark)
6) Random each turn (Jade Falcon, Steel Viper, Nova Cat, Diamond Shark)
7) Clan Wolf (Does not start until Campaign Turn 3)

Bidding Phase
If a single clan has more than one player, at the start of each turn they will bid a certain number of build points that they wish to use this turn.  Bidding is open and may go back and forth.  Know that the Clan mechs average 20 points, though many of the better designs are closer to or may exceed 30 points.
The lowest number bid will be the point value used in any battle this the clan may have this turn.
The lowest bidder also gets to...

  • Move their clans forces in the movement phase of this turn
  • Choose which unit or units of their's will take part in the battle in a given hex. 
  • Build their part of the force first (First pick of available minis).  They must leave enough points for the other player to field at least 5 mechs / stands of elementals.
  • First chance to take any special character that might be part of the force in the battle.
  • Be commander in the upcoming battle, choosing which clan player must move a mech when it is their initiative to move.   

Movement Phase

During the movement phase the Clan player that won the bidding will move their units on the campaign board.  They may consult with their clan teammate but the final decision is theirs alone.

All units start off board (in orbit)
All units must enter the board with their first move being onto their clans Landing Zone hex.
Units on the board may move any number of hexes as long as they control those hexes.
Units may not make attacks from the dropship, they must first be in the landing zone or another hex before conducting an assault (the exception to this rule is the first turn of the game)
Clan players may only advance into one new unoccupied hex per turn.

Once a Clan has moved all their units they will draw a Battle card from the Battle deck based upon the new unoccupied hex they attempted to take.  (Landing zone deck, Desert deck, Water Deck, Mixed Deck, Minor City deck, Prime City Deck)
The only exception to this is the Comstar Command Center hex, which has a specific battle.

The Battle card will determine...

  • Where the battle takes place. May not be in the unoccupied hex, but another of the clans hexes.
  • The terrain to set up on the table.
  • The Comstar force that is in that hex. (Skill level, Unit types) 
  • Any special characters the ComGuard force may have there.
  • Percentage adjustment.  Take the Point value of the Clanners bid and adjust it by this amount to determine how many points the Comguard forces may use to build their force.
  • Victory conditions for clanners to win the battle
  • If the clan actually hex with a victory.  Counter attacks and flanking actions by Comstar may prevent the clan force from securing the unoccupied hex they were trying to take.

Once every clan has a battle card, move on to the battle phase.

Battle Phase

  Clanners will build their force using the point value determined in the bidding phase.  The Clan players not taking part in this battle will be playing the Comstar forces.  Randomly assign all Comstar players to they are evenly spread if possible among the battles going on.

 Comstar players then build their force, using the adjusted point value from the battle card.  The point value must be split evenly among the Comstar players.  No sharing points between Comstar players they each must spend their allotted points or waste them.

  As we will be having at least two tables going at once, have one of the player not on a given set up the terrain in accordance with the battle card.

  Play the battle.  Consult the hex on the map to determine the clan units current ammo depletion level.

End Phase 

Ammo Depletion.
After every battle a given unit puts a force on the table they receive a spent ammo mark.  The unit can never remove this spent ammo mark.

There are two factors that determine how depleted a unit is on ammo.

  • The number of battles they fought
  • The number of hexes away from their landing zone.  

To determine a units ammo depletion number first look at the spent ammo markers the unit has.  If the unit does not have a direct path back to the landing zone hex, with a clan unit occupying each hex along that path (including the landing zone)...their ammo depletion number is their spent ammo markers.

If the unit does have a "Supply line", if the number of hexes is less than the units spent ammo marks, the number of hexes becomes the units ammo depletion number.

At the start of every battle subtract the ammo depletion number from each mechs range damage ratings, to a minimum of a 1.  Mechs with the ENE ability can ignore the effect of ammo depletion.  the number may be reduced from the mechs base numbers or from any special attacks (LRM / SRM / AC / FLAK).

Example:   The Falcon Guard of Clan Jade Falcon have taken part in 3 battles, and so they have 3 spent ammo marks.

  • If the Falcon Guard had a battle in their landing zone hex, their ammo depletion number would be 0.
  • If they had a battle in a prime city hex (3 away from the landing zone) their ammo depletion number would be 3.
  • If they were one hex out of their landing zone and were subject to a counter attack, their ammo depletion would be 1.
  • If they were 2 hexes away from the landing zone, but did not have a connecting hex with a Jade Falcon unit in that hex, their ammo depletion number would be 3.
There are some Comstar ammo dumps located on the map.  Should a clanner capture one of these hexes they may measure from the ammo dump rather than their landing zone for the purposes of ammo depletion.

Unit elimination.
  If a clan unit has all of their mech / elementals eliminated from a battle that unit is removed from the game and may no longer be used by the clan player.  Retreating does not count as being eliminated.

Special character elimination
  If a Special character looses their mech they are removed from the rest of the campaign and may not be used again. (Captured, Injured, MIA, KIA)

Hex ownership
  If the clan players achieve victory conditions stated on the battle card, and the battle card indicate they take the hex being fought for, then leave the units in the once unclaimed hex.  Otherwise return all the clan units that attempted to enter the hex back to their position they started the turn.

Clan Withdrawl
  If a clan loses both of their Khans (or the units that the Khans are in), they will be ordered to withdraw and are removed from the campaign.

Winning / Ending the campaign.
Once a clan player has taken a secondary city and primary city, their clan is considered victorious on Tukayyid and no longer will play battles.
A clan is defeated on Tukayyid if

  • Both Khans or the units the khans are from have been eliminated from play.
  • The clan is down to one unit (can't hold 2 cities with 1 units)
  • The Clan players agree they can not take two cities with the units they have left and withdraw.
A clan achieves a draw if they take only 1 city.

If there is a point where it is determined the clanners cannot achieve more victories than defeats then the campaign ends.

The first clan to take their two city hexes will be declared overall winner of the campaign...and will have first choice of forces in the next campaign.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mechwarrior Skill levels.

For the purposes of the campaign all mechwarriors from a given unit will have the same skill level.  This should make moving units easier.

Each of the Clanners clusters has rating of Elite, Veteran, or Regular.  All members of the unit have the same skill level, with the exception of special named characters that may be part of that unit.

Clan skills levels

Elite : 3

Veteran: 4

Regular: 5

The ComGuard forces are rated as Elite, Veteran, Regular or Green.  Being Inner Sphere they rate a little lower then the clanners fo the same rating.

ComGuard skill levels

Elite: 4

Veteran: 5

Regular: 6

Green: 7 

Now when building your force, there is a way to improve the skill level of one warrior.  This is where the paint scheme comes in.  I like to have easily identifiable forces on the table.  When you build a Star of 5 mechs for clanners, or a "Level 2" of 6 units for ComGuard, and all the mechs match their paintjob then one random mechwarrior from the clan Star or for the Comguard Level 2 gets to reduce their skill by 1.  Special characters may not reduce their skill this way.

Using the incorrect mini (Proxy) for a mech or vehicle will result in having a skill one point higher (worse).

Tukayyid Campaign Map

Here is the Campaign map for the Tukayyid Campaign.  You can click on it for a slightly larger image.  From this map we will keep track of Clan Cluster movements and progress made.

The goal of each Clan on Tukayyid is to capture one Prime City and a Secondary City.

Now a little about the tiles.

Prime City Tiles: Major city, Buildings covering the whole map.  Paved roads.

Command Center:  Where Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht commands all ComGuard forces on Tukayyid.  Holding this tile gives the ComGuard player an advantage for card initiative.  So long as the ComGuard hold this tile they will never move first for initiative.  At the start of each turn keep flipping cards over until the first Clan initiative card is flipped.  Take all of the skipped ComGuard initiative cards and shuffle them back into the initiative deck.  Should the Clanners take this tile, then the advantage goes to them and the ComGuard player must move first.

Secondary City: Less dense city setting, City outskirts, Factories, Warehouses, Paved roadways.

Clan Landing Zone:  Varying types of terrain for initial landings,  Space port / Fortress after Clanners secure their drop zone..

Cactus Tile: .Terrain here could be Desert, Mountains, Badlands, Abandon Towns, Ruins.  Few trees if any.  No rivers, lakes or water sources.

Waterfall Tile: Significant water of some sort in this hex. Major Lakes, Major Rivers, Swamps, River Deltas...etc.

Blank Tile: Mixed terrain, Forest, plains, rolling hills, farms, smaller rivers.  Traditional terrain found on standard battletech maps.

Hidden Units

From time to time the Comguard players will have Hidden units.  Each scenario will clearly state if the Comguard may use Hidden units.

Some basics about hidden units.
You can hide anywhere you could legally move or deploy the unit (Mech or Tank).  Even in an open field...(Comguard on Tukayyid was known for burying their mechs in the open field then bursting from the earth as clan units walked by in column.)

Any forgotten unit, or unit that should have been deployed but wasn't for whatever reason will be considered  KIA...without firing a shot.  So think long and hard about hiding units.

Hidden units do not get initiative cards.  Their cards are added to the deck when they are placed on the table.

How to deploy Hidden units.
Each hidden unit will be written down on a post it note separately.  These will have the coordinates and facing of that hidden unit.

The coordinates are written in inches from the North-West corner of the table.  The facing may be one of the following.  N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.

The North table edge is the one closest to the stairs, and the west table edge is the one closest to the wall.

For example.  The Comstar player wants to deploy a Demolisher tank with a hidden setup.
He would write the following down on a post it note.

Facing: North
N: 36
W: 12

So to place the unit on the table you would pass the post it note to your opponent (or someone from the other table) and they would place it on the table.  Measuring 36" from the North edge and 12" from the West edge and facing toward the stairs (North).

There are 5 ways to uncover a hidden unit.
  1. An Active Probe equipped unit moves within its working range of the hidden unit.  Clan Probes reach out 10".  However if there is an active ComGuard ECM unit within 12" of the Active Probe Clan unit, the hidden unit will not be exposed, but the clan player will be told his Probe is being jammed by ECM. 
  2. Before movement starts if you want to move the hidden unit that turn you must place the unit, before the first initiative card is flipped.
  3. Before firing, you must place the hidden unit before the fire declaration phase when people place sticks.  Yes, you can be shot at the turn you pop up out of hiding.  The hidden units movement modifier this turn is considered 0 if it deploys in this manner.
  4. The unit takes damage.  Arty hitting a hidden unit will place it on the field.  No, the hidden unit does not get to fire this turn if exposed in this manner.
  5. A Clan unit moves within in 1" or through the hidden unit.  (Allows point blank attack by hidden unit)

  • Should the walking or running Clan movement go through hidden unit, the Clan units movement stops in base to base contact with the hidden unit.
  • Should the Clan movement be jumping, the Clanner moves to their intended landing spot, the hidden unit is placed and the Clan player may adjust the facing of that jumping unit.  Should the intended landing spot contain the hidden unit then the clanner shortens the jump so they may land legally.  No unintentional DFA's.  
  • The unit uncovered in this way (and only in this way) may make an immediate attack on the unit that uncovered it.  If the Clan unit was jumping, the hidden unit may choose to shoot at a range of 1" when the detecting unit jumped overhead, or at the clan unit where it finished it's movement.  Remember the hidden units facing matters, and they may not get a shot off.  The hidden unit that shoots in this manner skips firing in the regular fire phase this turn as it has already fired.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Combat rules. (Init, heat, and honor levels)

Some of tweaks to the combat rules that will come into play for the Tukayyid campaign.

1) Initiative

We will be using cards for init.  Each side will have a color card, Comguard will be black (spades and clubs), clanners will be Reds (hearts and diamonds.  Units are not assigned a specific card, so there is some tactical flexibility.  So say there are 18 Comguard Mechs/tanks in a battle and 15 Clan Mechs / Battlearmor squads.  The initiative deck would start with 33 cards.
As each unit moves, their movement mod die will be placed behind the unit.  That will let everyone know which unit has moved this turn, and what ones have not moved yet.

As units are lost be sure to remove the correct color card from the deck.

2) Heat tracking
If you wish to overheat a unit to do the extra damage.
  • You must declare it during the targeting phase.
  • Place red glass counter per number you wish to overheat with your fire stick (not on your mech yet)
  • After you shoot, move the red glass counter to your mech.
  • These red glass counter will remain with your mech, on the table until you get rid of the excess heat.

3) Dueling (Honor levels)

There are 4 honor  levels for dueling that clanners will use.  But keeping track of which mech is shooting at which mech will be too cumbersome for the size game we are playing so here is the quick and simple fix.
Remember dueling only applies to mechs, Battle armor squads may attack any unit reguardless of who is attacking it, and Tanks may be targeted by as many clan units that can fire at it.

As for mech to is how honor will work
Honor Level 1, means no more than 1 Clan Mechs may target a single Comguard mech.
Honor Level 2, means no more than 2 Clan Mechs may target a single Comguard mech.
Honor Level 3, means no more than 3 Clan Mechs may target a single Comguard mech
Honor Level 4, No restriction on targeting.

It does not have to be the same mech each turn, but at the end of the targeting phase, under Honor Level 1 there can only be 1 Mech fire stick pointed at any given Comstar mech.

3) Physical Attacks (Honor levels)

To simplify, we will reduce Clan physical attack honor levels to yes or no.  Either they will do it or they won't. Under the Quick Strike rules...I will be shocked if a clanner makes any physical attacks, even if they are allowed.

4) Retreat (Honor levels)

There are 4 honor levels with regards to retreating.  Why would a clanner ever retreat?  Well, for the purposes of this campaign.  If a unit on the table loses every one if it's minis, it will be removed from the campaign map.  Example: Clan Wolf's Widowmaker company loses all of of their units in a battle, they are lost and the Clan Wolf players now only have 5 "clusters" to move on the campaign map.

Honor Level 1: Never Retreat
Honor Level 2: May only retreat if 20% or less of original force remains
Honor Level 3: May only retreat if 40% or less of original force remains
Honor Level 4: May always retreat

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress made...

Well the stat sheet is done.  To your right you will see a google doc link called Tukayyid - 2012.

This sheet has all the stats, point cost and acquisition numbers for each mech / tank, for each Clan and Comstar.
Each clan has their own tab.

What is an acquisition number?  Well it determines how common a mech is in the ranks of that particular clan.  The number is derived from if the clan built the chassis or not, and the weapon loadouts their mechwarriors usually run with.

So here is how unit creation will work.  You will have to to build a force with a certain number of mechs that does not exceed a point total.  Clanners run in Stars (5) where Comstar runs in what they call Level II's (6 units).  You will also have to adhere to the rules for the specific unit you are building for.  Some may not have tanks, some no infantry, some no assault mechs.

So lets use Clan Wolf as an example.  Their Widowmaker Company is going to be in that nights battle.  They have bid (bidding will be a later post) 2 Stars (10 units) at 150 points.  So the Clanner gets 10 slots to build his force with.  To Start he wants to take Natasha Kerensky as she is the special character for that unit.  Her acquisition number is free so she is added to the roster.  Next he decides he wants to have an assault heavy Star, and a star of elementals.  So Elementals have to be taken in a full star fills up 5 more slots, also being "free" the player does not have to roll.

To add some beef, he takes a Highlander IIC (30 points) and a Supernova (28)...both *Free* acquisition wise.

So his roster looks like this....

1) Daishi Widowmaker 30 points
2) Highlander IIC 30 points
3) Supernova 28 points
6) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
7) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
8) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
9) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
10) Elemental Sm Las 4 points

So he has 2 slots left and 42 points
He wants a Mad Cat but is worried about the point so tries for the cheaper "B" version at only 22 points...but they need to roll for it needing an 8+ on 2d6.  He rolls for the #4 slot and fails, tries again for the #5 slot and gets it.  So he has one slot left and 20 points.

So looking through his list he sees he can get a Kraken for 20 points...needing an 8+.  He fails the roll and must move on to another chassis.  He sees he can take  Linebacker "B" for 20 points at 8+ and again fails the roll.  He tries for the Linebacker "D" for 20 points and a 8+ as well...this time he makes the roll and his force is complete.

1) Daishi Widowmaker 30 points
2) Highlander IIC 30 points
3) Supernova 28 points
4) Linebacker D 20 points
5) Mad Cat B  22 points
6) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
7) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
8) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
9) Elemental Sm Las 4 points
10) Elemental Sm Las 4 points

Monday, January 9, 2012

Clan Mechs....painting complete

So for the first time sine I've owned any...all my clan mechs are painted.

100 minis strong...spread roughly evenly across Ghost Bear, Wolf, Smoke Jags, and Falcons.  Nova Cats have one star

Rob's Painted Mech collection (Google Docs)

The ones in Yellow on the sheet are not available for Tukayyid, as they have yet to be produced in 3052.  But you will note there are some nice designs that are not part of the original Tukayyid Sourcebook that I will be adding to the clan mechbays.  (Cauldron Born, Highlander IIC, Supernova, Grendel, Kodiak, Grizzly, etc...)

Now I have about 20 ComGuard mechs and 4 tanks that need to be done before I kick off this campaign.  Post will be coming soon about "How a player will select their forces."  Will you have to take the correct paint scheme?  No, put it would be nice.  What about the 3 clans you don't have large forces painted for...?  All will be answered in the "How to" post.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Progress made..ComGuard mechs done.

Finished with the ComGuard mechs list.

Completed the list of all possible mechs that the ComGuard used on Tukayyid.  Each mech has an acquisition number.  Free are readily available.  If there is a number listed such as 4+, the ComGuard player will need to roll that number or better 2d6 to get that mech.  The Royal mechs that comguard pulled out of storage will require an 11+, though the Royals are not always better than the stock least when it comes to Quick Strike.

Added the Quick Strike Stats, including the point cost.