Thursday, May 19, 2011

Faction: Clan Ghost Bear

Name:  Clan Ghost Bear

Powerful Clansmen, the Ghost Bears are known for their conservative nature and their strong sense of family. They joined the original Clan Invasion in 3050 and seized some forty worlds from the Free Rasalhague Republic and Draconis Combine. They won a minor victory against the ComGuards at the Battle of Tukayyid and bode their time since.
  • Total (Inhabited) Systems: 40+
  • Dominant Language(s): English
During the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty, the Ghost Bears abandoned their Crusader beliefs and embraced the Warden faction, leading them out of the Trial of Refusal being waged by the Inner Sphere. They subsequently relocated to the Inner Sphere, abandoning all their Clan holdings save for their enclave on Arcadia and their posting on Strana Mechty.

They are a now a permanent feature of the Inner Sphere and have remained tranquil, save for a brief war with the Draconis Combine following the latter's attack on their capital, Alshain. Currently they have merged with the Inner Sphere faction Free Rasalhague Republic to form the Ghost Bear Dominion. It was the first true merger between a Clan and an Inner Sphere nation where the citizens treat the Clan Warrior caste as the rulers, but the ruling warriors give free reign to their Rasalhague citizens. The Ghost Bear Khan holds the main power and there is a Prince voted for by the people to control all matters concerning the population. Not all Rasalhague citizens have accepted this merger and the remaining Free Rassalhague Republic worlds are in the area near Tukayyid.

The Ghost Bear Touman centers on strength and speed, employing 'Mechs with powerful arrays of weapons, often to the point where armor and heat sinks are compromised. The use fast 'Mechs such as Fire Moth to deploy their significant force of Elementals, the largest of any Clan. In fact, the Ghost Bears have deployed an entire Galaxy consisting solely of Elementals. Generally, Ghost Bear clusters consist of two trinaries of 'Mechs, on trinary of Elementals and a mixed Nova or either 'Mechs and Elementals or 'Mechs and AeroSpace fighters.

Ghost Bear training is harsh and especially physical. All warriors undergo personal combat training, and it is interesting to note that Clan Ghost Bear never adopted the aerospace pilot genotype for its pilots, instead using what other Clans would consider MechWarrior stock for that role. Many suspect the Bears made this move not only because of their famous reluctance to adopt nw methods, but also because the pilot genotype makes for poor hand to hand combatants.

Clan Ghost Bear Mech Acquisition Table

Honor Levels:
Zellbrigen (Dueling): 1
Physical Attacks: No
Retreat: 1

Adjustments:  After every battle the Ghost Bears take part in, Honor levels go up by 1.
After 2 battles, Physical attacks will switch to yes.

Current Players: Dereck

1)  20th Polar Bear Attack Cluster (Elite) [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #2)
  • Khan Han Jorgensen (2)Kodiak (KIA - Battle #2)
2)  1st Bear Guard (Elite)
  • Khan James Snuka (2) Dire Wolf S
  • Omni mechs only 
3) 7th Bear Guard (Veteran)  [Ammo 1] (Fought Battle #1)
  •  Mert Foster (3) Nova Prime
4) 50th Striker Cluster (Veteran)
  • No Assault mechs
5) Reserve Trinary Echo Four (Regular)
  • Star Captain Lee (3) Rifleman IIC
  • No Omnimechs
  • No Elementals
  • May never be the furthest unit advanced on the map.

Special Rules:  
  • No more than 2 ENE mechs in any star.
  • Aggressive Bidding.  In an effort to be the first to land on Tukayyid,, the Ghost Bears bid away one cluster of their landing force.  They were underbid by the Smoke Jaguars and are limited to 5 clusters for the battle.  Though their replacing a front line cluster with reserve unit earned them the right to land second on Tukayyid.
  • The Ghost Bear players will always be the second clan to declare their campaign movements (after the Smoke Jaguars)
  • The Ghost Bear player will always play the second battle of the campaign round.

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