Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Royal" Battlemechs...

So in preparation for this campaign.  I'm first looking at the mechs that will be available to each of the factions.  With the release of the 3075 Tech Readout, some mechs were added to all parties that took part in the battles on Tukayyid.

Mainly what I'm speaking about are the "Royal" battlemechs...reserved for the 'Royal battalions' of the original Star League.  Well When Kerensky took the original Star League army on the Exodus...with him went most of the Royal Battalions.  The few Royal mechs that were left behind were most likely on Terra...and those fell into the hands of ComStar.

I will be adding all the "Royal" mechs to each list.  The Availability number will be an 8+ for the Clanners, and will be an 11+ for the ComGuards.

You can see all of the "Royal" mech on the following link.  Most of the time they have a lowercase letter at the end of their model Number.  For example...The "Royal" Stinger would be STG-3Gb.

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