Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To Do List for the campaign

Stuff left to do before the campaign starts...(each of these will eventually be a separate post with a link at the top of this page)

1) Finish the Solaris VII Campaign.  (Final two events set and ready to go.)

2) Complete ComGuard mech and Tank availability lists
  • Check availability dates for each chassis and variant DONE
  • Assign rarity (Availability die roll) DONE
  • Decide if "Royal" mechs are usable. DONE
  • Make excel sheet with Quickstrike Point costs and stats DONE
3) Complete Mech availability list for each clan.
  • Check availability dates for each chassis, weapon loadout, and variant DONE
  • Assign rarity DONE
  • Decide to use "Royal" mechs or not. DONE
  • Make Excel sheet with Quickstrike point costs. DONE
4) Assign Dueling, Physicals, and Retreat levels for each clan
  • Which clan increases with each map turn, which stay the same...DONE
  • Come up with an easy way to track dueling targets. DONE
5) Make Map Tile "Cards" each having...
  • Stack of Cards for Desert, River (Water), Plains, Ruins, City. 
  • Advance, Counter attack, or Supply lines/Landing zone
  • Scenario details (Special scenario information)
  • Table layout details (Terrain)
  • ComGuard skill level and Force size adjustment.  (+% over Force bid by Clan player)
  • Any special characters / units for ComGuard.  
6) Write rules for Bidding process... Scrapped...bidding takes place is separate phase now.
  • 4 Units max (No more than 50% Battle armor)
  • 5 Sizes (Assault, Heavy, Medium, Light, Battle Armor)
  • Unit Skill adjustment.  Elite count as +2 Sizes, Veteran count as +1 size, Green as -1 Size.  Only comes into play when clanner has multiple units with varying skill levels to bid from. 
  • Special characters are not part of the bidding, only units.  if their units are selected the special character may be used as part of the unit build.

7) Set Quick Strike point values for each size of force that may be built. Scrapped this plan
  • Clan Stars
    • Assault
    • Heavy 
    • Medium
    • Light
    • Battle Armor
  • Comguard Level 2's 
    • Assault Mech
    • Assault Tank
    • Heavy Mech
    • Heavy Tank 
    • Medium Mech
    • Medium Tank 
    • Light Mech
    • Light Tank
8) Unit Building Rules. Scrapped
  • Must build full units.  5 Mechs for Clans, 6 Mechs/tanks for understrength units
  • At least 50% of the unit must be made up of the named size units, Medium Star must have at least 3 Medium sized mechs.
  • Must use correct miniature.
  • Bonus for having entire Mech unit in same paint scheme? (One mech gets a -1 to their skill?) both Comstar and Clanners can take advantage of this.  Tanks can not use this paint scheme bonus.
  • No more than 2 mechs of a clan star may have the ENE special ability.  (Clan Wolf may ignore this rule)
  • No more than 1 ARTY per unit?
9) Finish painting unpainted mechs that would be usable for this campaign.

10) Review Artillery Rules
  • Modify rules to use 5" GW template, and any part of the base being touched rather than a 6" template and at least half the base being touched.
  • Misses? >Deviation or outright misses?
  • Which clans can use? Wolf only.

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