Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Ok...I've been out of the loop for a bit.   But in reading some stuff on the net....I'm very interested in the Quick Strike rules.

Essentially it cuts the mech sheet down to a baseball card size sheet.  Gives each unit a much easier to calulate point value.  Streamlines the rules, and speeds up the game.  Lets you run a MUCH larger force.  And seeing as I have the minis...

Wouldn't it be nicer to have each player running a stack of mechs rather than just one or two.

I was concerned that the battles we would be doing would not do justice to Tukayyid.

Stay tuned...The campaign might just have gotten a whole lot bigger.

Basics rules for Quick Strike can be found here...

Sample of a Quick Strike mech sheet...


Yep.  We will be using the Quick Strike rules out of the Strategic Operations book.
Faster all around, easier to move multiple units, but just about everything Battletech has.

To sum up some of the key points of Quick Strike.
There are 3 weapon ranges...Short 6" or less, Medium 6+ - 24", and Long 24"- 48".
You do damage based upon what range you are shooting at.
So using the Atlas sheet above at short range you would do 5 damage, base of 2, +2 for the AC, +1 for the LRM. (They list the AC, SRM and LRM so you could use specialty ammos if you wanted)    

Pilots have a single stat that is used for gunnery and piloting.
All the physicals are in the game...damage based upon the mechs size.

One move stat.  Only terrain matters for slowing you down...no cost for turns.

No side hits...everything is on the front, rear shots do +1 to the damage total.

One target per turn...one fire stick. (May not even need these).

One critical chart that you start rolling on once you are into the structure.

Heat tracking...Only some mechs have enough weapons to overheat (OV stat).  The amount you overheat your mech by is the amount of extra damage you do that turn.  You only drop your heat back to 0 if you take a turn not shooting.

Stay tuned...

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