Monday, November 21, 2011

Zellbrigen & Clan Honor levels

One of the main differences with the clans that took the field on Tukayyid is how each one stuck to Clan honor codes in battle against the ComGuards.

There are three areas where Clan Honor come into play.

Dueling, Physical Attacks, and Retreating.

Each of these three areas has 4 "Levels" of Honor.  A "1" being the most strict adherence to clan honor, "4" being total disregard.

Each Clan will have an Honor rating like this...

Clan Wolf
Dueling: 4
Physicals: 4
Retreat: 4

Here is a more detailed description as to what each level of the Honor system means.

Dueling Honor Levels
  1. Will use Clan Dueling engagement rules under all circumstances.
  2. Any Mech that does not honor a duel, becomes "Dezgra" and may be freely targeted by any and all Clan mechs.
  3. If any Mech breaks a Duel, then the entire battle becomes a Grand Melee, allowing Clanners to fire freely on all targets.
  4. No restrictions on Clan targeting.

Physical Attack Honor Levels
  1. Clanners will only make Physical attacks if their mech has no ranged weapons left that can fire.
  2. Any ComGuard mech that attempts a physical attack becomes Dezgra and may be the target of Physical attacks by Clanners.
  3. Should any ComGuard mech attempt a Physical attack, then all clanners are free to make physical attacks on any mech for the remainder of the battle.
  4. Clanners may make Physical attacks from the start of the battle.

Retreat Honor Levels
  1. Clanners will not retreat from the battlefield.
  2. May only retreat if they are out numbered 4 to 1 (Mechs only)
  3. May only retreat if out numbered 3 to 1 (Mechs only)
  4. Clanners may retreat when ever they want.

Vehicles are considered beneath honor duels are not subject to the Clan honor system.  meaning, they may be fired upon by multiple clan mechs and or be the target of physical attacks no matter the honor level the clan follows.

Clan Battle Armor does not follow Dueling rules or the Honor codes for Physicals or Dueling.  They do follow the Retreat honor levels. Meaning, they will fire upon or make physical attacks against any comguard unit, even if that unit is engaged in a honor duel with a Clan mech.

More details on how Dueling works will come in a later post.

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