Saturday, June 16, 2012

Game Night #1

We had a pretty good first night.  Four battles, 2 Clan wins, 2 Clan losses.

Fight #1

Smoke Jags  (122nd Striker Cluster - Regular) Vs. Green Comstar force.

Smoke Jags combat dropped onto a some Green troops.  Pretty easy Jag win.

Smoke Jags secure their landing Zone.

Fight #2

Jade Falcons drop two heavy stars (12th Falcon Regulars) onto a Comstar Firebase that had a Veteran force of 12 Heavy and assault mechs.

The 12th Falcon Regulars were destroyed to the mech. (and are removed from the campaign)

Jade Falcons will have to fight again to secure their drop zone.

Fight #3

Nova Cats land but detect an approaching force.  Nova Cats send out the 12th Cavaliers to intercept.

They ran into an Elite force of Comstar Assault mechs.  The Nova Cats sticking to dueling cost them dearly and the 12th was wiped out.

Nova Cats will have to secure their drop zone before advancing on the Map.

Fight #4

Diamond Sharks landed unopposed and Khan Jorel Davis quickly set out with the Elite 222nd Assault Cluster.

Comstar threw a pretty large regular force to blunt the quick advance of the Diamond Sharks.

The Comstar units were cut down at range with the superior weaponry of the Clan Mechs.

Nova Cats meet an Elite Assault force
Heavy Force gets gunned down in the open by Elite Diamond Sharks
The Map

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