Friday, July 13, 2012

Game Night #2

Quick Recap of the events of Game night #2.

Larry joined the campaign taking up the last remaining clan Steel Vipers.

He secured his drop zone with a very even battle...taking the base with a sole Elemental stand remaining.

Jeff also secured his drop zone as an elite unit with his Khan took out the Comguard mechs.

Jay pushed forward with his 122nd Jag Veterans...the trap sprung by Comstar was very effective...Pushing his force though a raging forest fire, The Smoke Jags were gunned down as they emerged.

Gregg wrapped up the evening with a classic case of being diced.  Wanting to secure his Dropzone, he landed the Falcon Guard with their 4 characters.  Gregg could not seem to be able to roll higher than a 5, while his opponents Larry and Rob, could not roll lower than a 9.  Yeah...dear gaming diary, Larry and Rob had good the same game...playing on the same team.  One for the books.

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