Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hidden Units

From time to time the Comguard players will have Hidden units.  Each scenario will clearly state if the Comguard may use Hidden units.

Some basics about hidden units.
You can hide anywhere you could legally move or deploy the unit (Mech or Tank).  Even in an open field...(Comguard on Tukayyid was known for burying their mechs in the open field then bursting from the earth as clan units walked by in column.)

Any forgotten unit, or unit that should have been deployed but wasn't for whatever reason will be considered  KIA...without firing a shot.  So think long and hard about hiding units.

Hidden units do not get initiative cards.  Their cards are added to the deck when they are placed on the table.

How to deploy Hidden units.
Each hidden unit will be written down on a post it note separately.  These will have the coordinates and facing of that hidden unit.

The coordinates are written in inches from the North-West corner of the table.  The facing may be one of the following.  N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.

The North table edge is the one closest to the stairs, and the west table edge is the one closest to the wall.

For example.  The Comstar player wants to deploy a Demolisher tank with a hidden setup.
He would write the following down on a post it note.

Facing: North
N: 36
W: 12

So to place the unit on the table you would pass the post it note to your opponent (or someone from the other table) and they would place it on the table.  Measuring 36" from the North edge and 12" from the West edge and facing toward the stairs (North).

There are 5 ways to uncover a hidden unit.
  1. An Active Probe equipped unit moves within its working range of the hidden unit.  Clan Probes reach out 10".  However if there is an active ComGuard ECM unit within 12" of the Active Probe Clan unit, the hidden unit will not be exposed, but the clan player will be told his Probe is being jammed by ECM. 
  2. Before movement starts if you want to move the hidden unit that turn you must place the unit, before the first initiative card is flipped.
  3. Before firing, you must place the hidden unit before the fire declaration phase when people place sticks.  Yes, you can be shot at the turn you pop up out of hiding.  The hidden units movement modifier this turn is considered 0 if it deploys in this manner.
  4. The unit takes damage.  Arty hitting a hidden unit will place it on the field.  No, the hidden unit does not get to fire this turn if exposed in this manner.
  5. A Clan unit moves within in 1" or through the hidden unit.  (Allows point blank attack by hidden unit)

  • Should the walking or running Clan movement go through hidden unit, the Clan units movement stops in base to base contact with the hidden unit.
  • Should the Clan movement be jumping, the Clanner moves to their intended landing spot, the hidden unit is placed and the Clan player may adjust the facing of that jumping unit.  Should the intended landing spot contain the hidden unit then the clanner shortens the jump so they may land legally.  No unintentional DFA's.  
  • The unit uncovered in this way (and only in this way) may make an immediate attack on the unit that uncovered it.  If the Clan unit was jumping, the hidden unit may choose to shoot at a range of 1" when the detecting unit jumped overhead, or at the clan unit where it finished it's movement.  Remember the hidden units facing matters, and they may not get a shot off.  The hidden unit that shoots in this manner skips firing in the regular fire phase this turn as it has already fired.

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