Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mechwarrior Skill levels.

For the purposes of the campaign all mechwarriors from a given unit will have the same skill level.  This should make moving units easier.

Each of the Clanners clusters has rating of Elite, Veteran, or Regular.  All members of the unit have the same skill level, with the exception of special named characters that may be part of that unit.

Clan skills levels

Elite : 3

Veteran: 4

Regular: 5

The ComGuard forces are rated as Elite, Veteran, Regular or Green.  Being Inner Sphere they rate a little lower then the clanners fo the same rating.

ComGuard skill levels

Elite: 4

Veteran: 5

Regular: 6

Green: 7 

Now when building your force, there is a way to improve the skill level of one warrior.  This is where the paint scheme comes in.  I like to have easily identifiable forces on the table.  When you build a Star of 5 mechs for clanners, or a "Level 2" of 6 units for ComGuard, and all the mechs match their paintjob then one random mechwarrior from the clan Star or for the Comguard Level 2 gets to reduce their skill by 1.  Special characters may not reduce their skill this way.

Using the incorrect mini (Proxy) for a mech or vehicle will result in having a skill one point higher (worse).

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