Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tukayyid Campaign Map

Here is the Campaign map for the Tukayyid Campaign.  You can click on it for a slightly larger image.  From this map we will keep track of Clan Cluster movements and progress made.

The goal of each Clan on Tukayyid is to capture one Prime City and a Secondary City.

Now a little about the tiles.

Prime City Tiles: Major city, Buildings covering the whole map.  Paved roads.

Command Center:  Where Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht commands all ComGuard forces on Tukayyid.  Holding this tile gives the ComGuard player an advantage for card initiative.  So long as the ComGuard hold this tile they will never move first for initiative.  At the start of each turn keep flipping cards over until the first Clan initiative card is flipped.  Take all of the skipped ComGuard initiative cards and shuffle them back into the initiative deck.  Should the Clanners take this tile, then the advantage goes to them and the ComGuard player must move first.

Secondary City: Less dense city setting, City outskirts, Factories, Warehouses, Paved roadways.

Clan Landing Zone:  Varying types of terrain for initial landings,  Space port / Fortress after Clanners secure their drop zone..

Cactus Tile: .Terrain here could be Desert, Mountains, Badlands, Abandon Towns, Ruins.  Few trees if any.  No rivers, lakes or water sources.

Waterfall Tile: Significant water of some sort in this hex. Major Lakes, Major Rivers, Swamps, River Deltas...etc.

Blank Tile: Mixed terrain, Forest, plains, rolling hills, farms, smaller rivers.  Traditional terrain found on standard battletech maps.

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